Monster bike Garage is a full-service motorcycle shop located in Beirut Lebanon Owned by Wissam Labban who runs the workshop and overall operations, We managed several maintenance programs.

The shop was Established in September 2013, We operated an experienced team with a common passion for business development and Motorcycles. The shop was an entrepreneurial venture coupled with a passion for riding Motorcycles and living at Beirut City. We are an independently and operated Motorcycle Shop specializing in Services, maintenance and customization of all  motorcycle types. Whether it’s a scooter or a Super bike we will do our best to cover your needs & overdue your expectations. Customer Service is extremely important to us and we will always go out of our way in order to provide you the best services and prices anywhere all over Lebanon.

We’ve been in the business since 1995; We aim to keep our “friendly neighborhood Motorcycle shop” feel, while striving for excellency. Assisting our bikers reach their goals from repairing customizing, or building their bikes from scratch .WE DO IT ALL….

With our vast knowledge and experience, our shop is open for buying, selling, repairing and customizing all makes of motorcycles.


wissam labban
Wissam Labban